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Many business owners invest time, money, and hard work over decades to build a successful business only to miss the all-important details with their exit strategy. We can help you carefully navigate each step of your exit plan and add value at every stage.

How we can help

How we can help you

Your business is likely to account for the majority of your personal wealth and so it is important to protect, manage and nurture your business effectively through to exit.

Grayson Lewis supports business owners and entrepreneurs throughout each stage of their exit to maximise the value of their business and the proceeds from a successful sale.

Our goal is to help you to define what a successful exit looks like for you, assess the value of your business, and understand what strategic changes you can implement to maximise the value before selling.

Exit strategies may involve the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by
St. James’s Place.

01Establishing your goals

Before selling your business, it is important to carefully consider what you want to achieve. What does the next stage of your life look like? What type of lifestyle do you want? How do you plan to use the proceeds from the sale to achieve your goals?

We can help you to see beyond the sale of your business and ensure the next steps you take are aligned with your plans for the future.

02Business valuation

When planning an exit all business owners face two key decisions, when to sell and at what price. With our support you will gain the confidence to make those decisions with conviction.

The first step in planning your exit is understanding where you are at now. Grayson Lewis utilises business advisory specialists who offer a no obligation business valuation.

03Benchmarking service

A key part of understanding the potential value of your business to prospective buyers is to assess your current position within the market and how you compare with similar businesses.

Our benchmarking tool provides valuable insight that enables us to pinpoint what areas of your business are performing well and what could be improved. Using this data, we can identify opportunities for growth that will have a positive impact on the valuation and take your business to the next level.

04Entrepreneur 360

After understanding your personal goals, we then look to compare this against your personal and business assets. Pulling all the information together we produce the 360 report which will show a summary of your current position. By utilising cashflow forecasting software we can then give you a clear indication as to your trajectory. This provides a visual representation indicating if you are currently on track to achieve your goals. This report provides the foundation of putting together your financial plan.

05Growth strategy

We understand what makes a business attractive and valuable to prospective buyers, and how to maximise the potential of your business before selling. Working with our strategic network of advisers we will create an action plan that will get you from where you are now to where you need to be.

By seeking the right advice, you can avoid guesswork and know exactly what actions you need to take to grow the value of your business.

06Legal and financial advice

When dealing with businesses it is essential to have the right legal and financial specialist advisers in place. Our strategic network of advisers have experience in supporting business owners and entrepreneurs through from their growth stage to a successful exit.

Whether it is securing specialist finance supporting the growth of your business, or ensuring the appropriate legal and tax advisers are in place for your exit. You can rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in maximising the wealth you extract from the sale of your business.

07Maximising the proceeds from the sale

Once you have sold your business, your next challenge is understanding how best to leverage the proceeds from the sale to afford you the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

We work with you to plan ahead, ensuring you understand the tax implications of selling a business and maximise any tax reliefs and allowances available to you.

We will carefully assess your financial position in line with your goals and take a holistic approach to offering advice on how to make best use of your money both in the short term and for years to come.

Take the first step toward your exit

Get a no obligation business valuation and benchmarking report

This may involve the referral to a service that is separate and distinct from
those offered by St. James’s Place.

Client stories

As a business, we are committed to quality and delivering exceptional client outcomes. Please read some of the kind feedback we have received from our clients.

5 Star

I have worked with Nick for some time now and always delighted with the solid advice and guidance he provides. He has helped me avoid making investment mistakes and is always happy to arrange a meeting whenever needed. He has helped me understand a lot about my finances and given me confidence with my decisions, my only regret is that I didn’t meet him years ago. He’s the financial advisor I always recommend without hesitation.

A. Yorston

Nick supported me with my remortgage which completed in March 2023. It was great to have Nick’s help in sourcing my new mortgage. The timing wasn’t ideal with the turmoil in interest rates, but Nick helped talked through the expected movements that would effect me and find the best deal for my situation. We got the offer in place early, which allowed Nick to reassess and improve on the initial product that we went with. Overall Nick is a very calm and reassured adviser, and was on the ball throughout to make sure we got the best deal possible. 10/10 would recommend.

T. Burton

I recently had a meeting with Nick to discuss pensions and savings – his advice was truly tailored to my goals, which he took the time to fully understand before making any recommendations. Money is such a personal topic to discuss with strangers but by the end of our meeting, I felt extremely comfortable talking about my financial situation and sharing my fiscal ambitions with Nick. I have no hesitation in recommending him and following his advice.

L. Buckland

I recently worked with Kirsty when buying my first home and she was absolutely brilliant! Her knowledge is outstanding and she always explained my options in a way I would understand and to allow me to make the right decisions. Her interpersonal skills are great and she was very supportive throughout the process! Fair to say that I will be using her for all future remortgages ! Thanks again for your help!

S. Evans

Nick Henbrey was friendly but professional. He explained options in a clear way and I felt very comfortable with how he presented them. He was not pushy and allowed plenty of time to consider what he was saying/suggesting. My situation was complex because I was acting for my mother but also still waiting on probate for my fathers Estate. I felt that Nick lifted what felt like a heavy load off my shoulders. During the process my mother also died so circumstances changed . Nick throughout remained my rock and has since provided valuable information on how best to negotiate all the rules around gifting.

J. Winters

I used Grayson Lewis Financial Planning to find a great mortgage so I could move home. The service was excellent, Kirsty really took the time to understand my needs and was extremely professional throughout the whole process. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

P. Jones

We have definitely seen a huge positive difference in our finances, it was the full money review that we had been looking for and we are financially in a better place now.

B. Stewart

Couldn’t recommend Nick & Kirsty enough! As a first time buyer not knowing much about the process, they were incredibly helpful and kept me informed throughout the process. They were available at any time I needed any questions answering and really reassured me. I now recommend them to anyone that asks! You won’t regret using them!

E. Foers

Nick’s support on both financial planning and mortgage advice has been superb. He was able to work quickly to clearly provide a range of options and action the advice, while ensuring I had full understanding of any implications. He works diligently and is flexible to chat through any questions at short notice. Would highly recommend Nick and the Grayson Lewis Team.

T Harries